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Recipe: Pinakbet - Pork with vegetables and Bagoong

So this is the first recipe that I've posted here, but I thought it was about time that I started compiling the very tasty recipes that I'm encountering in my journey. It also helps as good practice for my typing because I haven't properly written anything for almost six months ( or in this blog for more than 2 years).

OK, discharges first... next time I'll be sure to get to the kitchen before the recipe is halfway through, but trust me on this one because it's really good and I'm here interviewing the cooks as I write this thing, that's why I don't have more pictures of the process.

MetaServes approx 4 peoplePreparation of vegetables: 20-25 min. Cooking time: Approx 40 min.Special characteristics: A good way of having Pumpkin IngredientsPumpkin cut into big dice sizePork shoulder approx 250g (Though any pork meat with a good fat to meat ratio should work, I like mine more meatier than fattier, but my friend likes it the other way)Oyster sauce -&…

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